Trends in dating patterns and adolescent development

Schwartz and Merten used the language of adolescents to argue for the presence of youth culture as distinct from the rest of society.Schwartz argued that high school students used their vocabulary to create meanings that are distinct to adolescents.Researchers test TMT by exposing people to reminders of their mortality.TMT is supported if being reminded of death causes people to cling more strongly to their worldview. tested the following hypothesis: "If youth culture serves to help adolescents deal with problems of vulnerability and finiteness, then reminders of mortality should lead to increased allegiance to cultural practices and beliefs of the youth." Their results supported their hypothesis and the results of previous studies, suggesting that youth culture is, in fact, a culture.Specifically, the adolescent status terminology (the words that adolescents use to describe hierarchical social statuses) contains qualities and attributes that are not present in adult status judgments.

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This not only created a look that was dramatically different from the corseted, structured dresses of previous generations, but it also created a new freedom that allowed the wearer to move in ways one was unable to before.Elements of youth culture include beliefs, behaviors, styles, and interests.An emphasis on clothes, popular music, sports, vocabulary, and dating set adolescents apart from other age groups, giving them what many believe is a distinct culture of their own.Before compulsory schooling, many children and adolescents interacted primarily with adults.In contrast, modern children associate extensively with others their own age.

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