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If it's one thing women love, it's being called "Jennifer Aniston‘s somewhat heavier, not-as-lucky sister who watches a lot of TV."This guy really knows how to flatter the females.The trailer for Amy Schumer's film decided his opinion on Amy's looks and weight needed to be heard.), and now a guy who has a history of horribly offensive and racist tweets, and they all made it past week one.It's hard to see the good among the very bad and very annoying in the two episodes we've seen, and it's making us wonder if this is the worst group of guys the show has ever had.In a post titled "Apatow's Funny-Chubby Community Has New Member," Jeffrey Wells lumps director Judd Apatow's actresses into a category called "chubby, whipsmart, not conventionally attractive, neurotically bothered female comic."Or CWNCANBFC, if you will."[Schumer is] obviously sharp and clever and funny as far as the woe-is-me, self-deprecating thing goes, but there's no way she'd be an object of heated romantic interest in the real world.And yet that's the apparent premise of Apatow's film. There's a guy who only says "whaboom." There's a guy who only talks about how much he hates whaboom guy.There's a guy who had a girlfriend (who then blindsided Rachel on a group date, how lovely!

Apparently, this show is perfect for promoting music and wrestling careers!Schumer's wide facial features reminded me of a blonde Lou Costello around the time of Buck Privates, or Jennifer Aniston‘s somewhat heavier, not-as-lucky sister who watches a lot of TV.Don't look at me — I'm not the one who made her the star of a film about a plucky, free-spirited girl that a lot of guys want to bang. An actress who's nicely attractive, has the funnies and the soulful stuff besides? All I'm saying is a movie starring a funny female is fine…as long as she's really skinny and extremely gorgeous." But those countless movies and TV shows that star a chubby, slacker dude dating/married to a girl that is so insanely out of his league is completely accurate and true to life, right? Wells obviously got a lot of backlash for his "review," which we hope did not come as a surprise to him.He tried to claim that he and his woman were on a break, but then eventually admitted they had slept together two days before he left for filming. Ian may have been more sexually frustrated than shady, but his epically nonsensical speech about how Kaitlyn is "surface level" and "only here to make out with guys" while he's too deep for her was very, very embarrassing.He eventually got to the realization he should just go home, but it's unclear why he felt he needed to so deeply offend her first.

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