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The government questioned several officials after the discovery of mass graves on the Thai border, but did not prosecute any officials during the reporting period for complicity in trafficking crimes.The government maintained a dedicated anti-trafficking police force, doubled the number of specialized anti-trafficking labor inspectors, and increased the number of specialized trafficking prosecutors.A large population of Filipino Muslims resides illegally in Sabah, some of whom are vulnerable to trafficking.Few Malaysian citizens are subjected to trafficking internally and abroad.

Some of these migrants are subjected to forced labor or debt bondage by their employers, employment agents, or informal labor recruiters when they are unable to pay the fees for recruitment and associated travel.

In unparalleled form, the government shared the full text of draft implementing regulations with more than 40 invited participants in advance of each consultation session and collaborated with NGOs and international organization representatives to make line by line edits to the drafts during the last two sessions.

The regulations were completed in March 2016 but awaited formal adoption at the close of the reporting period.

Foreign workers employed by outsourcing or contract labor companies, which may or may not have oversight of personnel issues or day-to-day working conditions, have heightened vulnerabilities to exploitative labor conditions and a reduced ability to resolve disputes.

Agents in labor source countries may impose onerous fees on workers before they arrive in Malaysia, in some cases causing debt bondage.

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