Santana dating brittany glee

“Glee” writers can’t get their Brittana facts straight, Afterellen Brittana Fans Launch a Counter Attack on Glee 9 Things “Glee” Did Right: On Bullying, Burt, Brittana, One Straight Butch and A Straight-Up Bitch [1] A relationship story arc is defined as explicit, developed on screen, and lasting more than 3 episodes.It is listed as questionable or subtext if romance is only implied, mentioned instead of shown on screen, part of a dream sequence, or otherwise not explicit for the viewer.[2] Sweeps episodes air in February, May, July and November, the periods when advertising rates are set.

Santana is introduced as a popular cheerleader at William Mc Kinley High School.

When Brittany and male character Sam sang a duet together, shared private conversations, and kissed, it was in the very same episode in which they first showed romantic interest in each other (4×09).

Brittany and Artie, in Season 2, also kissed after one episode.

Rivera, who has been vocally supportive of the love story between her and Morris' character, has received widespread praise for her portrayal of Santana, as well as for her for vocal work in numerous songs performed as part of the show's central glee club, New Directions.

Santana is introduced alongside Quinn and Brittany as one of the three most popular cheerleaders at the fictional William Mc Kinley High School in Lima, Ohio, where the show is set.

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