Quick roleplay chat

It really is for the best, however boring that seems. Then again, unlike the flashier roleplays, we are free and we let you do things they don't. You will need to create such a character, provide a description and write a short background before you can start playing. Yes, it's a wild and fairly lawless place but it isn't anarchy.

Legends of Belariath is a detailed online roleplay based on the IRC network. It should be fairly obvious then, that if you are looking for a point and click environment, we are off to a bad start already. Your character will interact with others and the world will interact with your character. Your character doesn't just pop onto the stage, play out some random acts and then pop off again with no memory of what happened the next time they show up.

Class represents your character's profession or demeanor, which can range from bard, to cleric, mage or fighter, along with many other options.

Not all classes are available to all races though, so by selecting a race you will only be able to choose one of the classes that race can take.

However, others do, and they have the right to puruse those interests without interference or criticism.

So you need to consider - does the thought of a muscular barbarian picking up a protesting nymph and taking her over the table upset you? What about if that barbarian captures an elf girl and puts his collar round her neck, taking away her freedom and making her his property?

It won't make any difference how old you are when we find out, or how long you have been here.Another consideration is the future, when you may want your character to take an advanced class, such as paladin or priest.Again your early choices affect which advanced classes are available to your character.If you do not do that we have a right to exclude you and we WILL use it.Yes I know you're raring to get going out into the world to beat up that troll, rescue a fair damsel and grab the gold!

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