Parents already dating

Parents can encourage their children to not be caught up in culture’s push for premature dating but save themselves for God’s best.

What about parents of children already dating or those who have already ‘gone too far’ or for those who messed up themselves in dating relationships before they became parents?

In the biblical model, an interested young man would request permission from a girl’s father to pursue the possibility of a relationship with the intention of a life-long commitment to her.Upon seeing the error of my ways, the Lord purified me, cleansed me, and forgave me of my premarital wrongs.While engaged, the Lord spoke to my husband, who was a virgin when he married me and was struggling with my previous dating past, saying, “Do not call unholy what I have made clean.” We have now shared twenty-seven years of a healthy, happy, glorious marriage.We are happy for our kids to hang out in groups with friends, go to coffee shops for conversations that build friendships, or help them get to know someone.However, if a man pursues one of our daughters romantically with a more serious intention of dating, we have asked our daughters to have him request permission of my husband, John, and I to court or biblically date our daughter.

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