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American cinema has a long way to go: even movies of heightened physicality in straight films have little problem showing every detail of the female body yet either blur or out-of-focus shoot or drape male bodies as though there were some secret that MUST remain off camera.Time to grow up - and where better to start than in films such as OPEN CAM. Grady Harp It's a whodunit wherein a serial killer stabs his victims on live web cam.The main character, Manny, is a youthful, budding artist who in his spare time watches a sleazy chat website.On one visit to the website he witnesses one of his friends being stabbed.Haru never expected to use his savings to become a member of a gay porn site, but after recognising the chest of his best friend and housemate masturbating on an amateur porn site, he didn't really feel like he had a choice.And then things started to get out of hand...((AKA.The contest itself begins on Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m. At the end, everything is dismantled — a task Trotter says takes about 90 minutes to completely disassemble the equipment.

Interested visitors were also able to talk into a radio microphone to someone on the opposite side of the country or maybe even the opposite side of the world.

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He assembled a cast of young actors whose best attributes are physical appearance rather than technical training, and then covers the dialogue with incessant background music that makes the viewer strain for the conversations - and much worse, he hides behind the mores of restraint that prevents US films from achieving what European films do well.

The story revolves around a recently jilted young artist Manny (Andreau Thomas) who when not in front of the easel spends his time on the Internet dating on a sleazy chat line, keeping his physical encounters anonymous to avoid personal disappointment.

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