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Trip also found a Vulcan friend in Kov, an engineer and member of the unconventional "V'tosh ka'tur." The chief engineer's friendship and guidance eventually convinced Kov to contact his long estranged father.

Attacks from an unknown race prompted Trip and Lieutenant Reed to lead the crew in building a complement of phase cannons from scratch while in mid-space, effectively upgrading 's weapons.When Trip and Zho'Kaan both crashed on an inhospitable moon, they started out as combatants, but ultimately developed something of an understanding.Trip has also forged an unlikely bond with Reed, whose buttoned-up nature seems diametrically opposed to the chief engineer's friendly manner.During his brief experience being "with child," Trip experienced all the usual hormonal irregularities, resulting in mood swings and fluctuations in appetite.Luckily, managed to locate the Xyrillians and transfer the embryo.

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