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returning on Wed, July 24th, we decided to compile a list of all the restaurants opened (and shuttered) by the original show's cheftestants from seasons 1-10, and provide updates on what they're up to now. Restaurants Opened: Meatball Factory (now closed) What's He Up to Now?

She previously chef'd at the now defunct fine diner Repast, and currently cooks up a mean brunch at ATL's Sun in my Belly, aka a fantastical way to describe a stomachache. For a time in 2010, Bolon ran a monthly-ish pop-up series of dinners in Chicago called Culinary Speakeasy, but now seems content to be a personal chef and demonstrate vegan recipes online. His Linked In bio reveals that he ran the kitchens at Circa, Spoon, and Butterfly (or he was in the band Spoon, which did a mean cover of the 2000-era song "Butterfly" -- it's unclear), until spending most of 2012 at SF-based Jake's on Market.

He's currently planning a new resto in Montauk, but, in 2012, opened a food truck along with Mike D of the Beastie Boys (and other friends that you didn't have a poster of in college) that gave out free food to anyone who needed it in a town hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

Restaurants Opened: The Gorbals What's He Up to Now?

She opened the M&P gastropub in DC with her husband in July 2012, but it closed in March 2013.

She's currently a sous chef at Stephen Starr's Le Diplomate.

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