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the only one that actually owns the business is the very top person of this company..he came up with all the system structures and everything else to run the company. the job is not "owning a business" nor "entrepreneurs" job..I was so psyched to try dating as a real adult person when I first moved here; it seemed so glamorous, staying out to all hours, going to fancy restaurants with suave strangers, dancing 'til dawn. Which, I mean, fair enough, who doesn't like to complain about their job, but let's switch it up a little, right folks?Lots of people will tell you to take cooking classes.They are a great company I have been working for this company for about a year. I have since spent several thousand by choice as I am in business for myself. You have to understand that you are starting a business - not just getting a job.I had to obtain my state license and that was under 0. This would be necessary to work for ANY insurance co. Hi - -I am considering joining AFLAC Sales and was wondering if those of you who replied to this board in the last few months would care to comment on your how the job has been working out for you.two words flim flam, if you want to "work for the" you had better just bring 0 for all the fees and classes and ****.

all their doing is try to fish unhappy losers, brainwash them to be happy and proud by using words like "be your own business" or "your a professional entrepreneur", or "make residual income" "be rich and retire early" "financial security".. They cost you the 300$ just so they can get some money out of you..

Plus, they have the smallest, most beautiful little Fairy Tale eggplants right now, and at the very least you'll get to oogle a couple of cute, slightly sweaty farm boys.

You could also volunteer at one of our city's many food pantries, doing good while getting out of the house and meeting other do-gooders, the kind of nice boys you'd be proud to take home to Mama.

If you're overwhelmed with where to start your own self-indulgence, I highly recommend it as a jumping-off point.

And who knows, maybe I'll actually listen to my own advice for once and see you there!

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