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Meanwhile, back on American shores — far from being the bastion of freedom of speech it purports to be — our own country is looking to support Israel in its attempts to restrict free speech.

A bill non-violent dissent against Israel in the legislature, that has wide bipartisan support.

Israel’s latest act of repression comes on the heels of a time when Israel arrested the largest number of Palestinians in years, fueling an epidemic of Palestinian mass incarceration in the West Bank.

Israel has also made the unprecedented move — described by Human Rights Watch as a war crime — of stripping a Palestinian man, Alaa Zayoud, of citizenship, so he is now effectively rendered stateless by the Israeli courts.

Because its other contracts prevent it from being on subscription services like Red, ESPN’s videos are now disappearing from the ad-supported tier of You Tube in the US.] Google says the goal is to offer consistency, so people thinking about subscribing to Red don’t have to worry about their favorite content not being available in the ad-free service.

But there’s no explanation why it couldn’t just flag videos of those who don’t sign the deal as “Not On Red”, and instead had to go with a sign-or-disappear strategy.

According to Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl at today’s You Tube Red launch event, 99% of content consumed on You Tube will be still available, noting that the vast majority of creators signed the deal.

However, I’ve received unconfirmed word from You Tube that isn’t exactly how it works, so stand by regarding what this means for Play Music rights holders.

I’ve written before about why feminists should care about all this.

Currently, the human rights abuse and growing, rife authoritarianism in the Occupied Territories is encouraged, tolerated, and supported by Americans.

Normal people uploading home videos to You Tube don’t have to worry about any of this.

It’s unclear how Google Play Music rights holders will be impacted.

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