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But Apollo, who had Delphinios as one of his cult epithets, leapt into the ship in the form of a dolphin (delphys", gen. Dolphin-Apollo revealed himself to the terrified Cretans, and bade them follow him up to the "place where you will have rich offerings".

The Cretans "danced in time and followed, singing Iē Paiēon, like the paeans of the Cretans in whose breasts the divine Muse has placed "honey-voiced singing".

Subsequently, it was believed to be sacred to Poseidon, the "Earth-shaker" god of earthquakes.

During the Greek Dark Age, from the 11th to the 9th century BC, a new god of prophecy, Apollo, allegedly seized the temple and expelled the twin guardian serpents of Gaia, whose bodies he wrapped around the caduceus.

Dat verhaal bracht ze vandaag in de Boston Globe en vertelde ze tijdens een persconferentie.

Wij gaan nu hard aan het werk om de laatste puntjes op de i te zetten en jullie feedback te verwerken en hopen je binnenkort weer te kunnen verwelkomen als we echt live gaan.

Ex-president Barack Obama heeft zich woensdag in Chicago gemeld om te voldoen aan zijn burgerplicht om zitting te nemen in een rechtbankjury.

Later myths stated that Phoebe or Themis had "given" the site to Apollo, rationalizing its seizure by priests of the new god, but presumably, having to retain the priestesses of the original oracle because of the long tradition.

Apparently Poseidon was mollified by the gift of a new site in Troizen.

During this period the Delphic Oracle was the most prestigious and authoritative oracle among the Greeks, and she was without doubt the most powerful woman of the classical world.

The oracle is one of the best-documented religious institutions of the classical Greeks.

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