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My questions are can any of them take me to court still because from what I read some debts are 3 years and some are 6 here in Arizona, I am not sure what they fall under, also at 7 years they have to stop reporting to my credit so I am told.

Given the information you shared about 2007 being the earliest date of last payment, your debts may/may not be off of the current debt owner’s radar.

  Canceling cards usually does lower your FICO or credit score; if you have a balance on a card, pay it off or transfer the balance to a lower-interest card.

Then take scissors and cut up the old card (and any new ones they send you in the future).   You can get a free credit report from all three once a year.

Renters who want the  stability and pride of home ownership and the opportunity to build  equity in a property are...

Fingerhut will often approve people who can't get approved for  other credit, so credit scores as low as 600 or lower might be  approved.

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