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If this is not an option, try to protect yourself as best you can and contact 911 as soon as possible.Try to provide as much information to the 911 call taker as possible.They can offer many services provided within the community and can help you find temporary shelter if needed.They will provide you with a “Domestic Violence Resource Card” that will have phone numbers to the various family services available to you as well as other information about your rights as a victim.This includes the suspect's location and description, what happened, and if there were any weapons involved.

Twice-married Mrs Currie, who famously had an affair with fellow Tory John Major in the 1980s, said: ‘Baby boomers know how to enjoy themselves, both with our own families and a whole host of things that would seem embarrassing to a younger generation.‘We are the ones at weddings who get up and dance and have the best time.‘The younger ones haven’t a clue – they think they invented sex but we know that we did.’In the four-part series, which starts on June 13 and features a host of other celebrities including John Prescott, Eve Pollard and Dame Esther Rantzen, Mrs Currie dyes her hair pink as she hits the stage with punk band UK Subs, whose frontman Charlie Harper is 73.But they agreed that browsing the web for one-night stands was the most eye-opening.Mrs Currie, 70, said: ‘I think we were both somewhat startled.‘Most baby boomers keep the sagging flesh covered up – so sharing videos with it all wobbling around is probably not the best advert for being a cool chick in your 70s, in my opinion.’Maths expert Ball, 79, added: ‘We found it very disturbing.If the offender is still on scene, direct officers to the person’s location.Tell the officers what occurred prior to and during the incident, including what was said and if any threats were made.

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