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It would be a big commitment on her part to quit her occupation to satisfy your desires.

What if she quits her job, and you dumb her two months down the road for another chick?

What if she wants to strip for the rest of her life? If she was just planning to stay in the profession for the short term, he could easily let it ride. Later in life she told me just how often she was actually 'hooking', it was far more than I ever suspected. I seen a close friend lose everything to dating/fucking strippers. They would come into the club, change, wait their turn on stage, strip (about 5 minutes), get dressed, get paid, leave the club, go to the next club and repeat the operation.

You can't just tell someone what to do in a relationship. I personally would not mind if my girlfriend was a stripper and continued with it if that's how it began. I never told her to quit her job or anything like that, but honestly - when the person you love is out every other night, performing sexual acts on strangers and what not, it eats away at you. (Over 1 million USDs) Every single time I have sex with a stripper there is drama. Used to know dozens of strippers in London's West End.

If you're really into the girl, I would let it ride for a little while longer. I think communication is the key and you should support her decisions now.

I think now is the time to start communicating, but I wouldn't hassle her about her occupation. Fell for a girl who I found out was a stripper after meeting her.

I'm not a jealous type, but dating a stripper will bring it out in almost anyone. She shouldn't be expected to change her job just for a guy. She should be able to keep making money, that is important!! I certainly would - if I were serious about the relationship/person.

I'm not saying all strippers perform sex acts in the back room and what have you, but far more do than most people realise. (No offense) If I ever have to hear ANY Def Leopard again I am going to snap.

No, I don't think anyone should tell anyone they can't have a certain job just for a relationship.

If you're that jealous and insecure, you shouldn't be dating someone in this line of work then. You have to remember you started dating the girl as a stripper, and you guys only been together for 5 months. Just to clarify, the girl I was dating was often performing sexual acts as well as stripping and all kinds of other shit on the side..

She went from being motivated to contact me, wanting me to stay with her, to refusing any contact. I wish at the time I was making enough to tell her to quit, when she said she didn't want to go back. I certainly would - if I were serious about the relationship/person. If my boyfriend told me what to do in regards to my job, that would be the end of my relationship.

However, he's cool with it, and has been for the almost five years we've been together.

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