Dating games pool party

relax, enjoy and soak in the pleasure your garden pool party. And there’s no rain in the forecast – remember, it’s April showers that bring May flowers! And the back-to-school blahs take over for most students.

What a great time to EXTEND THE POOL SEASON by inviting classmates (and parents/teachers if desired) to get together and renew friendships and make new ones.

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Everyone brings their favorite Thanksgiving dish and, whether or not the turkey is actually cooked on an open fire or in the kitchen oven, everyone can enjoy the traditional day of thanks in a non-traditional, but most memorable way by your pool. Complete with Santa decked out in red, white and blue, let your patriotism shine through for your guests.

That actually seemed to be the perfect amount for 4 toddlers to “share”.

You will want to make your Jell-O the night before, let it set, then dump it into your pool the next day. It was definitely a naked party because Jell-O always stains (at least it does for me, but I’m not exactly a laundry whiz).

The kids loved being able to run around the backyard, in and out of the Jell-O pool with each other.

I love giving toddler’s chances like this to really get messy.

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