Dating dossier style

The 35-page document of unverified allegations about President-elect Donald Trump's links to Russia and compromising information the Russian government might have on him that Buzz Feed published on Tuesday is actually fairly old.

It has been making the rounds in Washington, DC, for eight months.

See full summary » Anna breaks up with Bruno after he has cheated on her with their son Boris's schoolteacher.

But her far too young lover can only temporarily offer distraction. See full summary » The once unconditional friendship between police officers Vincke and Verstuyft hits a very rough patch when they come up against a series of gruesome murders. See full summary » Germaine Debruycker is 18 when the workers at the Vieille Montagne factory, including her father, go on strike to obtain a 10 franc raise. is the long anticipated successor to 'The Alzheimer Case' which won numerous awards and was sold to over 30 countries, among which the US (where it was released through Sony Picture Classics).

His consulting firm, Global Energy Capital, is headquartered near Trump Tower in New York City.Director Erik Van Looy was working on "Dossier K." since "De Zaak Alzheimer (2003)" but eventually had to skip the project because he had signed a contract with a Belgian television production company. Still many people wouldn't bother watching the shows and/or the movies.See more » Police thrillers (or thrillers in general) are nowadays being made for TV. If you are one of those people then you might be wrong here.At least two employees are fighting to get their jobs back.The scandal that shed light on an apparent culture of permissiveness within the Secret Service broke in mid-April when a high-priced Colombian call girl known then only as ‘Dania’ went public with allegations that a Secret Service that hired her for sex refused to pay her 0 for her services.

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