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Call 1-888-627-7836 for details and a personal message from Dr. Bishop Marvin Sapp has some advice for people dating in the church.When we are holding onto the hurt and pain of our loss, we have the tendency to attract or be attracted to someone who may hurt us. The time for a man to get into a relationship is when his desire to give is greater then his need to receive.Men tend to rush in too quickly, as we discussed in the rebound section above.While it may seem daunting at first to date again after a loss or to date someone who has suffered the loss of a partner, with a little strategic sensitivity it is possible to turn it into a joyous new beginning. Talk to one of our expertly trained telephone coaches today and get the answers you are looking for.You can call from the privacy of any phone, and our operators are available to assist you with processing your call.

Ample grieving time: Grieving the loss of love means fully feeling and then releasing all the painful emotions that come up when we reflect on our loss.Remembering and reminiscing is fine, but it is important for the new partners in the relationship to have healthy self-esteem so that they can help deal with all the feelings in a positive way.The key to success in all these areas is balance and perspective.Old feelings and special dates: It's okay to respect the good qualities of a deceased spouse, while not glorifying the past so much that no one can ever live up to those standards.There are certain dates, such as wedding anniversaries and birthdays, which will trigger emotions, as well.

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