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But it’s not because of the vitamin E; it’s the oil," Swann says.Keeping dry air away from a wound is just as helpful as using Vitamin E.Stretch marks tend to appear when there's a testosterone surge, because that's when guys typically grow taller, bigger, and wider.The reason you don’t hear older guys over 40 complaining about stretch marks is because they can’t grow that fast, or put on the kind of mass that would stretch their skin.Obviously stretch marks are common in women who are pregnant, but anyone who gains a lot of weight can experience the emergence of marks.

"But there’s only so much skin on your body; when your muscles get to a certain size, your skin is going to stretch." "Mostly, I see men with stretch marks on their proximal arms (front of the shoulder, by the biceps and armpits) on their chest, backs, and even on the upper thighs," Swann says. "Vitamin E came about as a solution before we understood proper wound care for skin after surgery," he explains.

Guys who are more at risk are the ones everybody envies in the gym (until they get stretch marks, that is): rapid growers.

These are the guys who can put two months into a training program and see results instantaneously.

"Our skin is living and active, so it’s constantly responding, so when you put stretch on it, it grows; but it can only do so much before it can't keep up. You can get stretch marks as a child just with growth.

"If you’re not factoring in weightlifting or bodybuilding, puberty is the big time for guys to get stretch marks because that’s when the most growth is happening," Swann explains.

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