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Starting 1 September 1841, civil registration came into effect in Western Australia.

This meant that the responsibility for registering births, marriages, and deaths now resided with the state instead of with the churches.

For example, we learn that Brenda May Alcock was married in 1965 in Perth to Trevor Edward Black.

In Australia, each state administers its own birth, death, and marriage certificates and manages the ordering process.

There are a lot of reasons a single Catholic person might choose to live with roommates.

Debates about same-sex marriage in Australia are often seen as a recent phenomenon, dating from the mid-1990s, at the earliest, when Liberal Prime Minister John Howard’s conservative family values ideology reinforced the ‘otherness’ of the growing number of non-traditional family structures.

However, as Shirleene Robinson’s recent blog in this series has highlighted, calls for state recognition of same-sex relationships were being publicly articulated as early as the 1970s.

For family access, you must satisfy one of these three requirements: Three forms of identification are required when you apply for a certificate.

Applications can either be mailed or requested in person. For more information visit the Western Australian Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages link in the Useful Links & Resources section.

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