Advice dating a drug dealer

Not to mention the paperwork; finals were coming up.

Then, one night, early in the spring semester, he and his buddies were in my room again, high, watching the movie Blow.

We worked out this elaborate plot, seemingly straight from the movies. That point was made shockingly clear by the May bust of a massive drug ring at San Diego State University. While this was the largest bust, the raid on SDSU was far from an isolated incident.

When a deal went down in the room I’d call the cops on speed dial and hang up. Ninety-six people, including seventy-five students, were arrested in the largest campus drug bust in U.

Minutes later, cops would burst into the room and bust both of us.

If most of your teen’s friends are also without a steady date, then it’s fine; but if they all start to form couples, then having your child be the odd man or woman out will also cause you concern.

You might think that you have no impact on how your teens and their friends interact, but that’s not totally true.

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